Fantastic Valentine’s Day Gifts to Make!

With the sweetest day of the year arriving in just six weeks, you’ll want to check out these really cool gifts you can make at home.  Yes!  You can make them.  So give it your best and surprise the ones you love on this special day.  Enjoy!!

Number 1.)  The No Sew Heart Pillow.  Directions for this adorable, simple to make pillow can be found at


Number 2.)  Puzzle Piece Heart.  This cute heart ornament is really easy to make with art supplies that can be found around the house.  Just imagine how beautiful it will be after  it’s painted and jeweled up with glitter, beads or sequins!  See for more ideas!


Number 3.)  Rope Heart Bracelet.  This bracelet is perfect for Sisters and Friends!  For easy to make instructions, click here:


Number 4.)  Floating Hearts.  Can you just imagine decorating your family home with these beautiful, sweet hearts?!  Made with scrapbook paper, the designer added buttons and beads on top to really make them sparkle.  (Magazine or newspaper would also work well)  For instructions, click here:  scrapbook girl


Number 5.)  As sweet as it gets!  These chocolate mice are adorable and really simple to make.  For the complete guide, check out:

rat-memory  Opps!  This guy is cute but…

These are Hershey Kisses Mice~  Ha! Ha!


Have Fun, Keep it Simple!!


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