Welcome to my first ever website!  This site is a gift from my Mémère and I want it to be a place to express the common interests that link all girls into a special type of Sisterhood: a Sisterhood that only girls seem to understand whether we are real Sisters or the Best of Friends!

Born in Houston, Texas and older than my little brother, I moved with my Mom and Dad to Southern California when I was less than two months old.  California is a very cosmopolitan, international place filled with unique people from all walks of life, beautiful places to visit and wonderful things to see and do.

My favorite things to do include spending time with my family, playing with my pets (cats & dogs), gymnastics, arts & crafts, dancing, singing, traveling and reading.  And I like to collect things…

So, please, have fun on my new website, Twinkle-Pink.com and share any comments or questions you may have with me.




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